Awesome Customer Service
Id like to say thank you all for your kindness and hospitality on helping me purchase my first dirt bike ever. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by Allyssa Garcia with a big smile and a Welcome in to Wild West Motoplex. How can I help you today. I proceeded to ask for my sales agent in Mr. Billy Pine who was busy in the shop getting the bike ready at the time. She even went out of her way to go and track him down. Thanks Alyssa, keep up the great work and keep on smiling!!! Billy was great at showing me the bike of my dreams and gave me the knowledge he has on taking good care of it. He even took the time and showed me how to secure it in the back of my truck bed as I was so nervous about messing anything up on it. Thanks Billy for your expertise and patience with me. You were awesome sir!!! Lastly, Mr. Bret Barnes in finance went over all the warranty & details on my new ride. He was so cool with me. He made the experience so easy and fast that I didnt even get the chance to take in the sweet smell of a new bike. Thats ok though, I love my new ride!!! Thank you ALL for your kindness and for giving me the opportunity and freedom to ride!!! Yall have gained a very happy and loyal customer for life. Thanks again Wild West Motoplex!!! (Employee: Allyssa Garcia, Billy Pine, Bret Barnes)
James Kizer
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