.....Got a great deal......SUPER easy transaction from start to finish....
I found my dream bike on cycletrader.com in October 2022 and bought her from Wild West Motoplex.....I was looking for a new KTM 150cc two stroke dirt bike. I love the bike I bought....very high tech, simple, electric start !!, fuel injected and.........brand new !!! I can't stay off of it; it's an awesome machine !! I contacted Andrew Jones at Wild West via cycletrader for an out the door quote. They had the exact bike I wanted at a very fair price. We exchanged a few emails and mostly did the sale over email and a couple of phone calls. Then I arranged to go get the bike on October 18, 2022. I had never been to Wild West and I was amazed at the amount of various bikes in stock....the showroom was packed to the gills with about 7 different makers bikes and off-road vehicles. The dealership also has a very large parts section. The dealership is well organized, modern, clean and orderly. There is a very large parking lot that eases parking and loading or off-loading bikes and vehicles. I wanted to be in and out of the dealership in the least amount of time I could due to the distance I drove to get the bike (3 hours one way). When I arrived Andrew had my bike serviced and ready to go at the door. Since we had already made the deal in advance there was no going around and around in circles in the arena doing the rope-a-dope as many sales people like to do...we made the deal in advance and when I got there the bike was ready to go and the deal was done. Done deal. I put approximately half down and financed the rest with a financial company the dealer recommended. I got a very competitive interest rate through the dealer. I completed my credit application IN ADVANCE of going to the dealership, so there again....no delays. Bret Barnes in the finance office had the paperwork ready to go and I think it only took 5-7 minutes to complete all the required paperwork. He was very friendly and professional. I got a very, very fair deal at Wild West. The thing that left me impressed was the ease of the purchase; it was almost too easy. I like the fact they have competitive financing in house and I did not have to go back and forth to my bank or credit unions; I financed on-site and had it all done in just a few minutes. TOO EASY. I wanted to be in and out in as little time as I could due to my long drive and I was. I think if I had not taken time to view all the great inventory I could have been in and gone in less than 30 minutes. I highly recommend buying from Wild West. For buyers; do your research, ask for an out the door quote in advance, apply for credit in advance and contact Wild West for a great price, great motorcycle, quick transaction. You should heed these words; I have bought many vehicles. Thanks to Andrew Jones and Bret Barnes for their professional sales demeanor....it was all too easy !!! (Employee: Andrew Jones, Bret Barnes)
Rick Thompson
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