Amazing first time bike buyer
Your team is amazing I came in 8 years ago and found Billy he saw me sitting on a r3 and was like would you like to purchase this bike I was like no not at this moment eight years later I met with Billy again and he told me to put a hold on one of the bikes and that he would have one come in and Id be first available so doing so I waited and then got a call from him saying that he had instead of a 2022 a 2023 ninja 400 so I told him Id like to buy this and did all the financial which was super easy and when I got there they had the bike ready for me I just had to fill out the paperwork with Chris which is phenomenally quick with the staff and knows his stuff and hes very helpful and they set me up with a helmet and jacket and some gloves and Im very happy with the experience that Ive had here. (Employee: Chris Sides, Billy Pine)
Mike C
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